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Mazet Holdings

Mazet Holdings was established in the year 2016 and since then, we have been
dedicated to offering top quality products. We are a BEE level 1 black woman-owned
company and will be dedicated to providing you with the best service possible. We
would like to offer our service to your company.

“SA needs affordable, reliable and clean energy that drives investment, creates jobs,
fosters critical skills development, helps us curb climate change and kicks our
struggling economy into gear.”

We provide a wide variety of products like Cable and any other electrical products.
We are currently busy supplying Raubex with electrical products for three solar
farms (Bokamoso, Droogfontien, and Waterloo) and one wind farm (Copperton)

Mission: Inspired to provide the best service possible, and building
relationships with our customers are our cornerstone.

Vision: Creating something out of nothing