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Nu-Life Wellness Centre

Welcome to Nu-Life Wellness

Our main aim is the prevention and on-set of age-related disease, as well as the management of chronic ailments resulting from acquired conditions, life style and diet imbalances.

Our methods are simple yet effective, innovative and fresh. Our approach is functional - treating body, mind and spirit. With intelligent and well researched use of orthomolecular substances (herbs, minerals, vitamins and specialty compounds), life style and diet adjustments, we tailor therapeutic solutions to your specific physiological health needs.

In order to determine and diagnose - we utilize non-invasive bio-feedback scanners, counselling techniques, 3D imaging of organs and a detailed assessment of your dietary habits and previous medical history.

As ethno-medicine practitioners, we also use substances which is contained in your larder - powerful organic salts, minerals and sulphurs, which consists of probably the most effective natural allopathic on the planet.

We aim at getting you over the hurdles that prevents you from leading a healthy fulfilled life.

If you want to lose weight - we will tailor a program that suits your body and needs, without having to go hungry.

If you suffer from chronic pain or arthritis, we may be able to help you by adjusting your diet and tailor a supplement program that works for you.

We are not a health shop - we are a health practice. Our shelves are not full of useless supplements - we stock only those agents which is proven to be effective in our natural pharmacy.

Our online services are expansive - giving you the information that you require in order to self-medicate with our products, including on-line guidance by one of our trained staff members.

For consultations - phone us to make an appointment. Take note: Consultation duration is 1 hour: Tel: 051 - 451 2668 or 076 819 8279

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