Sports Performance Clinic (SPC)

The Sports Performance Clinic is a multi professional sport, health and fitness clinic specializing in strength & conditioning and injury rehabilitation. The Clinic is located at the Pretty Gardens Lifestyle Centre in Langenhovenpark, Bloemfontein. We have a team of specialists that include: strength & conditioning, physiotherapy, sport science, bio-kinetics, sports massage and personal training.

The Sports Performance Clinic is a complete sports conditioning, sports injury and rehabilitation centre that caters for everyone who needs advice in the fields of injury, injury prevention, rehabilitation and high performance conditioning. It is an interactive approach between our specialists that not only implement effective rehabilitation programs but also enables the athlete to excel to the next level in his/her sport.

The Sports Performance Clinic also recognizes the gap between Rehabilitation & Sports Performance Training. We identify the physical demands of your sport and ensure that you have the functional capacity at the end of your program to not only return successfully but also to physically perform at a higher level than before.

Our Team of Sport Specialists are dedicated to improve your performance, whether it is on a professional or social level we can increase your performance and help you reach your true potential.

WhatsApp: +27 83 652 9070

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