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Spitskop Aquarium, Pets and Reptiles

Telephone: (051) 451 1677 / (051) 451 1014
Cellphone: Elwin - 082 454 0381 / Gail - 072 114 4712
Email: spitskopets2@gmail.com
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Spitskop Aquarium, Pets and Reptiles is a registered Pet Shop located at the Pretty Gardens Lifestyle Centre in Langenhoven Park Bloemfontein. Our facility offers a variety of pets, products and services to all pets and animal enthusiasts at affordable prices. We strongly believe in the conservation of pets and animals alike and are actively involved in the education thereof among the youth. Regular shop visits and outreach activities to schools ensures the success of our conservational awareness program. We also facilitate monthly veterinary services that are focus on the care of various bird species. We strive to obtain the best and latest products and accessories to ensure the care and wellbeing of your pets. The constant training of our friendly staff will maintain our professional service and help you, our valued client, select and care for your pets. Spitskop Aquarium, Pets and Reptile is a unique and respected Pet Shop due to the fact that our combination of variety and service delivery ensures a tranquil atmosphere that fulfilling experience.


This is certainly our most regularly visited department and a must see for all. The selection and variety of tropical and cold-water fish species is second to none. In addition to this, there is water plants, ornaments, feeds, medication, and a variety of tanks on offer.


We offer a huge selection of products that include feeds, medication, toys, accessories, housing and much more. With a spacious layout, you can view our range of house pets, poultry, birds, rodents and more.


Our Reptile department is separate from the main Pet Shop facility and here you can enjoy the display of various snakes, gecko's, spiders, chameleons and much more. We supply all items needed to build a beautiful and reptile friendly environment. A huge selection of food products, medication, ornaments, and accessories can also be purchased.
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